Priority Practice Management, LLC


Healthcare Consulting

Priority Practice Management is THE premier company to provide consulting services from seasoned practice managers/administrators to healthcare practices of solo to three providers.

The PPM team works with your management team to evaluate your processes, staffing needs, human resources, work flow, compliance and training. The PPM Team will make recommendations on methods to streamline your current systems so that you are profitable and efficient. PPM specializes in solo and small group (2 to 3 HCP) practices.


The PPM Team does not spend months evaluating; instead they look at each area in a systematic way, make recommendations, implement changes and then move on to the next area. So you see change and improvements quickly, with minimal interruption. The only way a healthcare practice/organization can survive today is to be compliant and efficient so that the provider(s) is able to ensure quality and caring medical treatment to his/her patients with a supportive staff that allows him/her to be the best healthcare provider can be.