Priority Practice Management, LLC


Off-Site Practice Management

Many healthcare practices/organizations have an office manager to oversee the day-to-day activities, but what they need is someone who knows and understands compliance, human resources, conflict resolution and the other aspects of running a successful healthcare practice.

The hands on person who handles the day-to-day management of the facility does not have enough hours in a day to deal with all of these other compliance and personnel issues too. But, the practice just cannot afford to have a certified and professionally trained practice administrator/executive director on staff full time.


This is where Priority Practice Management (PPM) comes in. They provide off-site practice management, by AAPC credentialed CPPM's,  for a specific number of hours per month to the facility/organization. They are available outside of those hours to deal with any urgent issues. Since they are not full time employees of your practice, there are no biases, or additional costs associated with their employment, such as benefits or continuing education.

Essentially, PPM consultants are your part time EXPERTS on all of the healthcare and compliance related issues that effect your success everyday.  Your office manager/supervisor can be there to run your office for you, and PPM will be there to make sure your office is compliant and running smoothly.  We are your advocate!